Cultural Activities

District 4 Cultural Program

2018 District 4 Fraternal Grants

District I & IV Folk Dance Workshop

At Kringen Lodge in Fargo, March 23-24, 2018, with dance instructor Bob Holmen, and music by Valerie Thompson and Friends. The workshop is hosted by Borgund Lodge’s Leikerring Dancers. Registrations are due by March 16.  Details and registration form

Fall Folk Dance Workshop in Calgary

With Mikkel Thompson and Ginny Lee at the Scandinavian Centre, starting with supper on Friday, September 14, ending with lunch Sunday, September 16. Lots of fun and learning in between! Hosted by the Nordic Folkdance Society

Expert Database

Do you have a cultural skill you are willing to share? Contact your zone director or Cultural Director Flo Kallenbach ( to be added to the database. Click Expert Database.rev for the current list.