District 4 Scholarship Programs

The District IV Academic Scholarship Program is designed to support study at a university or college in the United States or Canada or study at a Norwegian university or folk school.

Usually three scholarships in the amount of $1000 are available. Occasionally four scholarships are awarded.

Congratulations to the recipients for 2019:
Dawson Strom, Kringen Lodge, Fargo
Dylan Viste, Valhalla Lodge, Calgary
Abby Kallenbach,  Mollargutten Lodge, Maddock
Kelly Greenwall, Solglyt Lodge, Edmonton
More details about these qualified and deserving winners are in the April Fabulous Fourth Footnotes.

Canadian residents may also apply to the Sons of Norway Foundation in Canada for post-secondary scholarships to Canadian institutions or grants for Norwegian heritage activities.

The District IV Cultural Program Scholarships are designed to encourage and support development of cultural skills in the district through the awarding of up to five (5) $500 scholarships each year to cover the registration fee and materials for attendance at eligible workshops and activities. This year Joan Varty was awarded $500 to attend a rosemaling class in Grand Forks.

Sons of Norway Foundation Scholarships

Many kinds of scholarships are available. See

for details of the kinds of scholarships and the application forms. Only online applications are accepted.