Cultural Activities

District 4 Cultural Program

District 4 Fraternal Grants

Did your lodge carry over a grant to 2021, or receive a new grant? Details are in the January 2021 newsletter
My apologies for not getting the following forms updated well before 2021 year end. If you haven’t already sent in a report on if/how your lodge used the grant money, please do so as soon as possible.  Likewise, the Board might consider applications for new grants even though the Dec. 31 deadline has passed. (A.W. – webmaster)

Expert Database

Do you have a cultural skill you are willing to share? Contact your zone director or Cultural Director Flo Kallenbach ( to be added to the database. Click Expert Database.rev for the current list.

District IV Cultural Program Scholarships are designed to encourage and support development of cultural skills in the district through the awarding of up to five (5) $500 scholarships each year to cover the registration fee and materials for attendance at eligible workshops and activities.